Accelerated AI

Fast track your digital transformation with Detect Technologies

Maximize your business performance with state-of-the-art AI models and digital dashboards that captures end-to-end workflows and are built as per your industrial processes and operations.

Why choose Accelerated AI?

Rapid advancement in technology is redefining the industrial landscape. Historically, enterprises would adopt industrial technology selectively, but we are on the cusp of a new industrial era. With this wave of digital disruption, companies must adapt to new paradigms and unlock more opportunities.

Detect Technologies brings in world-class talent with tremendous experience to create a fast-paced digital transformation roadmap with you. We have partnered with enterprises and delivered rapid, specific, and focused intelligence to maximize industrial productivity and business performance. Adopt Accelerated AI today, and shift orbits to a successful digital transformation with our AI Data Lake architecture.

Thrive in an Industry 4.0 environment with Accelerated AI


Designed to deliver robust digital arsenals for data-driven decision making

Technology that mines through unstructured data and seamlessly provides accurate data and actionable insights. Accelerated AI empowers managers to make the right decision in complex situations and fundamentally transform industrial processes.
  • Make data-driven decisions with the right information at your fingertips
  • Ensure your solution has the architecture to build secure, resilient, and scalable infrastructure
  • Develop a digital-first model and reduce complexities
  • Customized as per client data sets and practices

Configured as per your work practices for maximum efficiency

While organizations deploy similar resources, the competitive differences lie in work practices. Our implementation approach is designed to embrace diverse data, gain a competitive advantage, and help enterprises be future-ready.
  • Generate meaningful value with more information
  • Expand your market opportunities with digitization
  • Partner with us for AI-powered solutions tailored to your work practices
  • Be more efficient, sustainable, and profitable

We partner with our clients on various digital initiatives

Icon depicting custom AI model. Accelerated AI

Custom AI models

Icon depicting IoT sensors. Accelerated AI

IoT sensors

Icon depicting mobility solution. Accelerated AI

Mobility solutions

Icon depicting Edge-based solution . Accelerated AI

Edge-based solutions

Icon depicting integration. Accelerated AI

Integrate with  existing infrastructure

Start your journey towards a successful digital transformation

Drive innovation and be future-proof with our suite of solutions. Identify opportunities and
get data-driven insights with Accelerated AI.
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