Electrical Asset Monitoring

Electrical Asset Monitoring

Identify faults and predict outages from seamless power distribution

Manage electrical assets remotely with Voltor™ – a cloud-based electrical asset monitoring system for enterprises

Introducing Voltor™

Voltor™ is an industrial IoT sensor that detects fluctuations and imbalances between voltage, current, and power in real-time. It monitors critical points such as LT distribution transformers, LT network pillars, and junction boxes, and ensures a reliable power supply.
Image of Voltor-an industrial IoT sensor
icon depicts smart sensor. voltor | Electrical Asset Monitoring

Smart Sensor

Industrial IoT with OTA firmware updates

icon depicts compact. voltor | Electrical Asset Monitoring


Weighs 700 grams and can be deployed in tight spaces

icon depicts security. voltor | Electrical Asset Monitoring


Acquired data is encrypted on an HTTPS connection

icon depicts wireless. voltor | Electrical Asset Monitoring


Stay connected with up to 5 hours of battery backup

icon depicts easy to install. voltor | Electrical Asset Monitoring

Easy to install

Works for single-phase and 3-phase power supply

icon depicts local storage. voltor | Electrical Asset Monitoring

Local storage

With an upload frequency of 1 Hz

Maximize uptime and operational efficiency

Voltor™ identifies fluctuations in real-time and sends instant notifications to managers on a cloud-based IoT platform. It is designed to continuously monitor voltage, current, and power supply.
  • Detect faults and outages and get notified with asset details and fault location attributes for quick resolution
  • Track the reliability and availability of low-tension networks and assets
  • Download daily, weekly, or monthly reports with period voltage fluctuations and supply trends
Dashboard depicting faults and outages. Voltor | Electrical Asset Monitoring
Dashboard depicting Voltor | Electrical Asset Monitoring

Get valuable insights and reduce outages by 25%

Keep track of voltage, current, and power fluctuations and predict fault and outages effortlessly. Improve customer satisfaction with Voltor™.
  • Identify power event patterns to avoid future outages
  • Find new opportunities for power efficiency enhancements
  • Make informed decisions and improve performance with the right data

Monitor voltage, current, and power in real-time

Get instant notifications on any fluctuations and outages, and maximize uptime and operational efficiency with Voltor™
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