Cloud Architect

Chennai, India
Full Time

A cloud architect needs to design, build and operate the cloud computing architecture that we (Detect Technologies) will rely on if they are to operate in a flexible and agile fashion. The candidate shall have the knowledge and capability required to craft cloud solutions to meet and exceed the requirements of the organisation.

Primary responsibilities

  • Translating project-specific needs into a cloud structure that will suit those needs and considering the project needs in terms of resource usage, scalability and infrastructural costs.
  • Designing the cloud environment from a holistic point of view, ensuring it meets all of the company's requirements.
  • Carrying out deployment, maintenance, monitoring, and management tasks within this implemented cloud structure.
  • Overseeing cloud security.
  • Completing the integration of new applications into the cloud environment.
  • Offering training and guidance to all whose roles bring them into contact with the cloud structure.
  • Keeping on top of usage of resources on the cloud and making sure the structure is operating at full efficiency.
  • Working with business clients to understand their needs and to implement the cloud strategies designed to meet those needs.
  • Conducting migration, where necessary, to bring tools and other elements into the cloud.
  • Working with virtualization technologies to achieve effective server management for the business.
  • Hands on experience with various cloud providers mainly AWS / GCP / Azure.


  • BE / B-Tech degree and 3+ years of work experience, in Computer Science.
  • AWS / GCP / Azure Cloud Certifications
  • Should have experience in DevOps pipeline to deploy solutions on the cloud.

Preferred skills and knowledge

  • ME / MS degree in Computer Science
  • Work experience in DevOps Pipelines
  • Hands on experience in On-Premises and Cloud deployments using docker, container orchestration technologies, and using AWS/GCP/Azure
  • Good knowledge of tools like JIRA, GIT, DevOps, Jenkins is a plus point.
  • Able to work proficiently with several different operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • In-depth knowledge of networking an associated technology, including LAN/WAN, OSI, TCP/IP, File Transfer Protocols, Telnet and Secure Shell, Load balancer, Domain Name System, and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, among others.
  • Design knowledge for cloud architecture.
  • Understanding of cloud infrastructure configuration and deployment.
  • Cloud service management skills.
  • Knowledge of web and application servers.
  • Ability to work with physical hardware and virtual machines
  • Experience in deploying solutions using the DevOps pipeline.
  • Easily adoptable to a start-up culture.

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