Signal Processing Lead

Chennai, India
Full Time

We are looking for a signal processing lead who will provide the expertise and build a team for development of automated signal processing systems for all monitoring products developed in Detect. The person should also be experienced and knowledgeable in signal processing to develop automated signal processing algorithms for monitoring devices.

Primary responsibilities

  • Understanding the working principles of the monitoring devices sold by Detect which currently include GUMPS, CTMS and Voltor.
  • Development of signal processing algorithms for analysis of ultrasound signals with up-to-date knowledge on processing methods.
  • Development of real-time signal processing algorithms for monitoring devices sold by Detect
  • Bring signal processing perspective in the design and continual improvement of products
  • Research and development of algorithms for automation of signal processing for on premise operation of GUMPS. This comprises of detection of defects above 5% CSA loss, detection of defect growth above 1% CSA loss while compensating for noise and environmental variations such as temperature.
  • Set up and lead a signal processing and data analysis research group in Detect Technologies
  • Continual improvement of signal processing algorithms


  • B.Tech/M.Tech in Electrical or Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • 2 years experience in Digital Signal Processing

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