Robotics/UAV System Engineer

Chennai, India
Full Time

We are looking for a Test engineer to build testing procedures for our robotics products (including UAVs), operate UAVs during testing, and work on quality control and assurance of prototypes and products.

Primary responsibilities

  • Develop test procedures for thorough testing of the robotic prototypes and products, especially UAVs
  • Preparation of test documents, checklists and maintaining the same for all tests carried out
  • Operate the robot, especially UAV, during testing
  • Maintenance of the robotic prototypes and products during the testing phase
  • Planning and execution of test plans. Analysis and documentation of test results
  • Managing inventory of prototypes and products
  • Quality control and quality assurance of robotic prototypes and products
  • Carry out root-cause analysis for failures during testing


  • Minimum B.E. or Diploma
  • Experience in piloting UAVs and handling UAVs and associated hardware
  • Worked on projects related to UAV or Robotics in college
  • Hands on experience in fast prototyping

Preferred skills and knowledge

  • Training completion certification from an authorized RPTO
  • Good understanding of the UAV anatomy
  • Good decision-making skills under pressure
  • Good analytical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge about extant rules and regulations related to UAV
  • Good understanding of quality control and assurance systems
  • Good communication skills

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