DeTect’s sensor can be used as part of a monitoring system that would continuously monitor pipeline integrity in critical high temperature processes and warn operators if a pipeline has corroded past a critical point or developed a defect. Constant monitoring of pipe status would reduce the possibility of accidental rupture of the pipeline and allow the pipeline to be replaced before failure. 


In a typical application of a GWU pipeline inspection system, insulation, dirt, or other obstructions are first removed from around a small section of the pipeline. The sensor is then mounted directly to the exterior of the exposed section of pipe. During testing, the sensor sends an ultrasonic signal along the walls of the pipeline and any defect or corrosion in the pipeline sends a reflected signal back to the sensor. 


Chemical plants, refineries, and power plants periodically shut down for maintenance and inspection, which cost them lost production time and money. During scheduled shutdown, inspectors use a variety of instruments, including GWU pipeline inspection systems, to look for defects in pipes. The DeTect high temperature pipeline inspection system can examine pipes for corrosion and defects during high temperature operation, in-situ, without shutting the pipes down, thus saving shutdown time. The only preparation needed to permanently install the DeTect sensor is to remove the insulation around a small section of the pipeline to mount the sensor then re-cover the sensor and pipeline section with insulation.