Inspired by the loss of human life and property in gas and oil leakages, Detect Technologies is committed to provide solutions for predicting these leakages and also detecting them if they occur.


High Temperature Transducers

It has been shown that there is a 12 times more likelihood for a pipe to fail at higher temperatures than a pipe operating at ambient temperatures. The sensors developed at Detect therefore, works at a really wide range of temperatures from -20C to 350C. This makes us the best choice for oil and gas companies

High Temperature Solutions

Remote Monitoring

DeTect is completely automated remote control system. After the first installation of the product, the company does not need to manually intervene the area of interest. DeTect keeps on scanning the pipelines continuously and generates data, which allows the organization to estimate the health of its pipelines

Remote Monitoring

Continuous Inspection

DeTect is a continuous monitoring system, which means that the data is generated continuously during the operation of the plant and not only during the shutdowns. This lowers the risks of leakages and catastrophe tremendously. The data collected over the period is also used to compare with the current generated data to estimate the degradation accurately.  

Continuous Monitoring