Industrial Project Management

Industrial Project Management

Monitor productivity, safety, resources, and business processes in one place

Optimize shutdowns, turnarounds, daily operations, construction processes, projects, and a lot more with T-Pulse™ – an end-to-end industrial project management solution.

Introducing T-Pulse™

T-Pulse™ is an industrial project management solution built to provide safe, compliant, and efficient management of industrial assets, processes, and workforce. It is a novel industrial AI platform that brings all the phases of an industrial project – planning, execution, safety, resource, and material management, and more – on a single platform.
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Powered by comprehensive ML and computer vision algorithms

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HSSE Standard

As per international standards like OSHA and IOGP 577

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Configured as per your business and plant objectives

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Built for synchronized planning for work and resources

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A single dashboard for planning, progress tracking, and resource utilization

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Fully remote

Evaluate plant and asset KPIs through daily operations remotely

Designed for various applications

Manage many use-cases with T-Pulse™
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HSSE Management

Manage health, security, safety, and environmental performance. Ensure occupational safety with an HSSE management module.
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Schedule Control

Automate project control scheduling and optimization with T-Pulse™. Manage the schedule of complete projects and take proactive decisions.
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Occupancy Monitoring

Monitor occupancy and industrial assets with real-time visibility into confined spaces. Get accurate data and make quick decisions and evacuation plans.
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Covid Compliance

Detect COVID-19 or other contamination risks during daily operations and projects and ensure workforce safety with intelligent COVID compliance monitoring.
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Automated Authorization

Ensure safe entry and exit access into high-risk areas. Automate industry-specific guidelines and ensure end-to-end access and health monitoring with T-Pulse™.

Optimize project execution with end-to-end visibility and control

Manage large and complex industrial projects in real-time with T-Pulse™.
Ensure safe and compliant management of your equipment, people, and industrial processes.
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