Automated Authorization

Automated Entry Authorization

Integrate with the future of safe access in high-risk areas

Manage access to high-risk areas with the surety of complete PPE compliance with our fully automated AI algorithms. Maintain scan records of all entries and exits in restricted zones and derive actionable insights with T-Pulse™.

Automate your industry-specific guidelines across various zones

Utilize state-of-the-art algorithms with high precision to detect required PPEs, skills, and authorization as per your guidelines. Restrict the number and count at all risk areas with the click of a button.
  • Keep workforce safe with end-to-end access and health monitoring
  • Monitor entry and egress, and see the count at all risk zones in real-time
  • Access automated logs and deviations on a unified dashboard
Dashboard with automated logs and deviations- Automated Authorization
Dashboard for centralized reporting platform- Automated Entry Authorization

Get real time insights on a web-based interface

Leverage a centralized web-based reporting platform to access processed results and conditions of all mapped risk areas. T-Pulse™ provides an integrated view as well as zone/unit-level views, with pre-configured filters for easy search and discovery.
  • Hourly/Daily automated reports for on-site managers
  • Real-time alarms and notifications on emails, speakers, SMS on deviation at site
  • Access data of vital conditions on-site and at each unit/zone.

Manage your plant risks with completely automated
access authorization

Comply to all guidelines and generate real-time reports on all risk areas within your plant or project.
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