Automated Authorization

Automated Entry Authorization

Integrate with the future of Digital Confined Space Monitoring

Manage your organization without compromising between safety, efficiency and spend. With T-Pulse – Digital Confined Space Monitoring, improve personnel safety drastically and at the same time increase operational efficiency by having the right methods and data insights at the right time. 

Completely automate confined space watch

Engage technology that provides 360 degree monitoring by integrating cameras, speakers/hooters, remote alarms, people counting, skill and person identification and gas and temperature sensors

  • Maintain Automated Entry/Exit event logs with smart rules from a centralized platform 
  • Remote supervision from any approved device 
  • Reduced human exposure on site by maintaining remote stations for implementing compliance. 
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Automate comprehensive safety guidelines 

Leverage a centralized webbased reporting platform to access processed results on safety guideline compliance and conditions of all mapped risk areas. T-Pulse provides an integrated view as well as zone/unitlevel views, with pre-configured filters for easy search and discovery. 

  • Real time alerts on safety events 
  • Comprehensive coverage of all safety categories as per standards 
  • Prevent incidents and run pro-active programs through virtual eyes and intelligence inside confined space. 
  • Risk categorization for all events for actionable insights. 

Optimize productivity and efficiency management 

Benefit from a smart planning tool to both plan and measure the total man hours spent inside confined space and help keep your project always on track 

  • Maintain anonymous count of people inside confined space at all time 
  • Take faster decisions to maintain or accelerate projects as per organizational need 
  • Get real time trends and insights on a remote platform across any approved device 
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Manage your plant risks with completely automated access authorization 

Comply to all guidelines and generate realtime reports on all risk areas within your plant or project.  

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