Covid Compliance

COVID Compliance

Operate in near-full capacity amidst the pandemic

T-Pulse™ COVID Compliance module empowers safety and compliance teams with end-to-end implementation of social distancing and face masks. The industrial-grade robust algorithms detect COVID-19 contamination risks and recommend practices for safer processes.

Adhere to COVID-19 guidelines using


Comply with your organizational, local, or national guidelines. Our COVID compliance module ensures that your workspaces live up to the highest sanitization standards 24/7.
  • Comply with all necessities – keep track of PPE kits and masks
  • Undertake focused interventions for better compliance
  • Adopt remote monitoring of workforce and assets with Trueview™
Dashboard to track COVID compliance
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Ensure a safe working environment

T-Pulse™ is designed for end-to-end plant and project management and considers unexpected circumstances to future-proof industrial operations. Make sure that all daily operations and project activities are performed safely.
  • Conduct hazard assessments and determine activities that require close contact
  • Accurately monitor a distance of six feet between personnel
  • Detect compliance issues such as absent/improper use of face masks in real-time and take preventative actions

Stick to the best practices and ensure COVID compliance

Adhere to all COVID-19 rules and guidelines, reduce risk of contamination, and
ensure employee safety and productivity with T-Pulse™
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