HSSE Management

HSSE Management

Ensure occupational safety through automated HSSE management

Achieve end-to-end HSSE compliance through novel, AI-enabled machine vision algorithms. Maintain industry-wide situational awareness and identify and mitigate high-risk areas.

Adhere to operational and HSSE guidelines and achieve Goal Zero

Leverage one of the most comprehensive AI models created on cameras, sensors, edge devices, or drone data to manage multiple risks in daily operations, construction projects, shutdowns, and turnarounds. Empower teams with real-time asset insights for intelligent decision-making.
  • Automate safety standards such as OSHA, IOGP 577, CCOHS, and many others
  • Bring a sustainable behavioral change through tracking of multiple hazards
  • Achieve 360° coverage, including hard to reach areas
  • Detect exceptional conditions or threats in real-time
Image depicting OSHA standard

Manage occupational risks proactively and identify areas of improvement

Track, manage, and predict occupational hazards systematically and drive continuous improvement with T-Pulse™. Ensure efficient work processes and manage industry-wide projects better.
  • Record and train the algorithms for all the current and potential workplace risks
  • Receive actionable insights and recommendations to prioritize tasks
  • Get elaborate inspection checklists and emergency response plans
  • Run campaigns for safety on a weekly or monthly basis

T-Pulse™ is compliant with internationally accepted standards

Logo of OSHA standard


IOGP 577

Logo of HSSE standard


Logo of OSHA standard


Configurable as per process

Achieve End to End HSSE automation with T-Pulse™

Meet stringent HSSE guidelines, monitor all occupational risks, and get recommended actions to
handle risks and injuries better.
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