Workforce Safety Automation

Workforce Safety Automation

Ensure occupational safety through high precision models trained on comprehensive safety standards

HSSE module of T-Pulse is a real-world manifestation of the new construct of intelligent enterprise, centered upon one of the most common shared beliefs across all the enterprises on the globe, “Goal Zero”. Achieve endtoend safety compliance through a robust and most comprehensive pre-trained AI models. Make data work for you, through seamless integration of existing infrastructure such as cameras and UAVs into a centralized AI data lake and gain advantage from continually updated library of automated categories and classes.

Achieve Goal Zero through strategic interventions based on AI enabled insights

Leverage one of the most comprehensive AI models created on cameras, sensors, edge devices, or drone data to manage safety risks in daily operations, construction projects, shutdowns, and turnarounds. Empower teams with real-time asset insights for intelligent decision-making. 

  • Automate safety standards such as OSHA, IOGP 577, COHS, and many others 
  • Bring a sustainable behavioral change through tracking of multiple hazards 
  • Achieve 360° coverage, including hard to reach areas 
  • Detect exceptional conditions or threats in real-time 
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Manage occupational risks proactively and identify areas of improvement

Track, manage, and predict occupational hazards systematically and drive continuous improvement with T-Pulse. Ensure efficient work processes and manage industry-wide projects better. 

  • Prioritize actions based on risk score, zones, units, and recommended actions on all detected events 
  • Get notified at all management layers on high potential event detections 
  • Plan systematic improvements by accessing reliable and unbiased deep analytics 
  • Benchmark safety metrics globally and become the most compliant organization. 

Realize benefits of automating safety compliance at your site

Detect all safety events 24X7 and 365 days completely on remote. Convert all your visual devices to Digital Safety watch that keeps you always notified and ensures no unforeseen incidents. 

  • Leverage design for large-scale data consumption 
  • Track of all actions on recommendations through user friendly enterprise dashboard 
  • Get weekly analytics segmented across your entire site 
  • Achieve 100% traceability and referencing of all safety events.  
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Make data work through high-precision deep learning models

Leverage one of the most accurate and comprehensive deep learning model set to highlight areas of interest, that is, potential incidents, on the basis of pretrained observation sets and programmed rules. 

  • Trained on the largest industrial data set over 5+ years 
  • Compute efficient models to make larger number of automated sets running on complete data streams. 
  • Assetless processing architecture through leveraging cloud infrastructure 
  • Highest data security through SOC2, GDPR compliance and battle-tested by IT teams globally. 

T-Pulse is compliant with internationally accepted standards

Logo of OSHA standard


IOGP 577

Logo of HSSE standard


Logo of OSHA standard


Configurable as per process

Success Stories

Petrochemical enterprise reduced safety violations by 10X with T-Pulse

Achieve End to End Workforce Safety automation with T-Pulse 

Meet highest compliance, monitor all occupational risks, and get recommended actions to achieve global safety benchmark 

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