Schedule Control

Schedule Control

Adapt to rapidly changing situations with AI-enabled schedule control and optimization

T-Pulse™ provides an automated real-time schedule and task management platform. The integrated reality provides asset managers with the ability to anticipate better and helps planners strategize project completion on target time and within budget.

Schedule control without manual data entry

Monitor project status, delays, issues, and KPIs in real-time and maximize throughput. T-Pulse™ gathers real-time data directly through fixed cameras (CCTV/IoT/Edge) or drones to monitor work progress, resource, and safety.
  • Get exact time for task start and completion, resource idling, gain/delay,
    S-Curve, and much more for project/ processes in operation
  • Flag issues and resolve them with real-time visibility through our Issue module.
  • Optimize overall project schedule to reduce slack and thereby improve productivity
  • Complete shutdown, turnaround, and outage (STO) management for plants from planning to execution.
Dashboard for Schedule control
Chart depicting real-time milestone progress. Schedule control

Monitor activity progress and make data-backed decisions

Integrate planning with real-time execution and facilitate intelligent iteration planning to optimize industrial schedules. T-Pulse™ removes any data asymmetry and ensures that project managers have access to unbiased information.
  • Record key milestone progress through a real-time MIS dashboard
  • Manage productive hours across each equipment with a fully automated monitoring module
  • Predict failures and plan corrective and preventative actions through resource optimization
  • Prioritize tasks with accurate-risk management

Monitor your activity progress and optimize schedule control

Optimize the schedule of complete projects and make reliable real-time decisions to
maximize overall productivity using T-Pulse™.
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