Container Handling

Automated Container Handling

Maximize container crane performance through complete automation

Monitor, control, and automate your entire container handling process. Reduce the total cycle time for container loading with a novel vision-based terminal automation system and improve productivity and safety.

Achieve alignment automation with a visual 3D positioning system

Manage port operations with real-time visibility. Use a vision-based 3D positioning system to position single and multiple trailers of trucks and cranes effortlessly.
  • Accurately track where containers are placed and their time on a unified dashboard
  • Guide operators get visibility of all markers with a visual 3D guide marketer
  • Get notified to slow down, continue forward, align, or stop

Position multiple containers across your entire port easily

A simple, rapid, safe, and effective way to ensure safety and productivity on ports. Detect Technologies combines state-of-the-art AI on camera with positioning algorithms to make positioning containers effortless.
  • Position trucks at the right place at the right time, before the spreader arrives
  • Power up automatically. No intervention from the crane or truck driver is required.
  • Get complete visibility into loading and unloading – safety, presence of workforce, and more

Enhance safety and productivity in your port infrastructure

Improve turnaround time and run safety checks with end-to-end automation. Position containers
effortlessly with real-time visibility into the port infrastructure.
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