Computation on edge (hardware)

Computation on Edge

Move from just eye to AI with intelligent edge computing

Turn visual data into actionable insights without any human intervention. Try Trueview™ and go beyond conventional visual analysis with edge AI.

Introducing Trueview™

Trueview™ is a self-sufficient Edge AI camera designed for superior performance. It combines powerful on-board processing and AI with machine learning and runs compute-intensive workloads on the device itself. Use our application-oriented, intelligent, and reliable edge-computing device and unlock new areas of productivity.
Image of a Edge computing camera
Icon depicting smart camera. Trueview | Computation on edge

Smart Camera

Self-sufficient IoT camera for intelligence on edge

Icon depicting high definition. Trueview | Computation on edge

High Definition

1080p with 4K resolution at 30 frames per second

Icon depicting cloud-based. Trueview | Computation on edge


Managed remotely on a cloud-based interface

Icon depicting real-time. Trueview | Computation on edge


Collection and inference of data happens on-device

Icon depicting secutiry. Trueview | Computation on edge


Images and videos are encrypted to the highest standard

Icon depicting configuration. Trueview | Computation on edge


Works with applications developed by partners and customers

Maximize plant performance and overall productivity

Trueview™ makes inferences on the spot and saves on storage and bandwidth cost with edge AI. It empowers managers with enhanced identification for autonomous decision making
  • Identify defects and inefficiencies in near real-time and plan ahead
  • Enhance performance with reduced latency
  • Make the most of your resources and reduce work hours and TCO
  • Reduce operational expenses for continuous operations
Image depicting Dashboard for Trueview.
Image depicting HSE compliance

Ensure health, safety, and environmental protection with edge AI

Trueview™ leverages machine learning and identifies defects and anomalous behavior by extrapolation. Maximize safety and compliance and adhere to stringent HSSE guidelines.
  • Track all potential threats and hazards with state-of-the-art AI algorithms
  • Control access with the highest accuracy in safety, skill, and controlled entry
  • Reduce exposure of personnel substantially and ensure compliance with COVID-19 protocols
  • Predict any failure and manage complete operations by combining T-Pulse™ with Trueview™

Get Trueview™ for an array of use cases

Icon depicting intrusion detection . Trueview | Computation on edge


Icon depicting vehicle monitoring . Trueview | Computation on edge


Icon depicting object detection. Trueview | Computation on edge


Icon depicting loitering detection. Trueview | Computation on edge


Icon depicting access management.Trueview | Computation on edge


Unlock new areas of productivity with Industrial AI
and edge computing

Transcend the limits of conventional video analysis. Start using Trueview™ – a smart edge AI camera
that turns data into insights without human effort.
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