Industrial security

Industrial Security System

Enhance security throughout enterprise spaces remotely

Detect a wide range of situations with machine vision. Ensure comprehensive coverage – 24/7, 365 days a year, with an end-to-end integrated industrial security solution.

Monitor and secure asset-intensive environments

Capture, correlate, and search video data efficiently. Ensure the security of your premises and industrial installations with a centralized machine vision-based industrial security system.
  • Detect exceptional conditions or threats in real-time and respond proactively
  • Virtually patrol plants and premises effortlessly through our intuitive dashboard
  • Secure gates and entrances and detect intrusions on time
  • Reduce the occurrence of false alarms

Authenticate your workforce and ensure safety for employees and visitors

Configure our intelligent industrial security solution to your specifications. Capture data from both indoor and outdoor cameras, and equip personnel to handle situations proactively
  • Capture non-compliance immediately
  • Authenticate your workforce and ensure there is no intrusion or loitering
  • Get notified of suspicious activities such as unauthorized people in risk areas, trespassing, and more.
  • Implement security best practices and keep your crew safe

Proactively detect intrusion, loitering, and other threats

Identify exceptional threats in your premises in real-time. Ensure the security of
your installations and workforce with Detect Technologies.
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