Industrial security

Industrial privacy anonymization system  

Protect identity through high precision anonymization

Hide faces of people who appear in your videos. Faces are hidden with precision blurring, pixelation or masking, to prevent any reconstruction and preserve privacy. Automate compliance of international privacy guidelines. 

Remove personal information from videos and live streams 

Use high precision deep learning software to anonymize people faces, which is the most frequently captured personally identifiable information (PII) in images, videos, or live streams. 

  • Globally deployed seasoned technology with benchmark accuracy 
  • Proprietary AI models, specifically trained for redaction 
  • Continuously updated and optimized through secure cloud-based architecture 
  • Out of the box with immediate deployment and no pre-training requirement 

Access events without personal information of people  

Configure a smart API for anonymization layer before running any analytics and obtain only the information you are looking for. 

  • Selective anonymization of only faces with no removal of any event information 
  • Smart and hassle-free API integration 
  • Light software with moderate compute requirement, suitable for both on-prem and on-cloud deployments 

Comply to GDPR, CCPA, APPI, CSL and similar guidelines

Maintain automated platform for the crucial compliance with all international norms and guidelines on privacy and personally identifiable information (PII) 

  • Compliance to the most stringent guidelines without deviations. 
  • Strong data protection with most secure architectures 
  • Zero raw data access to remove any information or privacy risk.

Reduce privacy risk in your organization today 

Integrate with T-Pulse privacy anonymization proprietary tool to get compliant data 24X7 with no hassle. 

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