Intelligent Inspection of Transmission Lines & EHV Towers with Noctua.AI

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Success Story

Intelligent Inspection of Transmission Lines & EHV Towers with Noctua.AI


Coverage of asset and components


Man-hours spent on analysis

45 +

Observations detected per EHV Tower


Components inspected per 100Km


Major categories of defects detected autonomously


  • In-Line inspection of assets
  • Automated defect identification and reporting of asset risk
  • Reduced human exposure driving safer asset inspection practices
  • Data driven decision making


  • Power Transmission


  • APAC


  • Drones, Visual Imagery, Thermal Cameras


Noctua.AI enabled the client to monitor and improve Asset Condition through transparent and faster decision making. This was possible due to increased visibility on  

  • Historic data for component degradation.  
  • Detection of defects such as corrosion, conductor Hotspots, insulator damages, and many others 
  • Detection of illegal construction or vegetation in the RoW 
  • Detection of missing/loose/hanging components, foreign material, and many others 


It is designed to provide intelligence on high consequence risks for assets by analysing visual or thermal data feed. It is an aggregation of multiple intelligent modules which detect degradation of asset & its components to provide insights on asset health.

This variant of the solution was deployed across Transmission Line corridors to identify points degradation in assets arising due to corrosion and hotspots, missing/loose components, illegal construction in RoW, and general structural damages.

Complete monitoring solutions

  • Seamless data exchange
  • Web based task management & Tracking Portal
  • Live surveillance & monitoring
  • Intelligent analysis and detection platform
  • Easy access to historical data
  • Visualisation platform
  • Support and value-added services
  • Intelligent drone deployment & Management
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