Intelligent Surveillance of Transport Solutions with Digital Pipeline Patrol

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Success Story

Intelligent Surveillance of Transport Solutions with Noctua.AI


Increase in frequency of patrol


Man-hours spent on analysis


High risk threats detected per kilometre in a year


Oil Spills reported


Major categories of threats detected autonomously


  • Increased frequency of patrol
  • Real time reporting of vulnerabilities
  • Focused intervention
  • Segregation of authorised vs unauthorised activities


  • Oil & Gas


  • APAC


  • Drones, Satellites Imagery, Fixed Cameras


Noctua.AI enabled the client to improve performance and productivity through faster decision making. This was possible due to increased visibility on

  • Fire incidents, oil leaks & spills
  • Detection of intruders
  • Detection of heavy machinery in the vicinity of RoW
  • Detection of ground disturbance, exposed pipelines, and many other


Pipeline transportation is well acclaimed as a safe, economic, and fast mode of transporting oil and gas. In recent times, oil pipelines have faced three interwoven problems: vandalism, sabotage, and terrorism. These problems have huge environmental, economic, health, safety and security implications on the government, pipeline operators and host communities alike. These incidences translate to huge economic loss and massive environmental pollution, on some occasions even resulting in loss of lives.


It is designed to provide intelligence on high consequence risks for assets. It is an aggregation of varied / multiple intelligent modules which detect, degradation of assets, security breaches and asset health. This variant of the solution was deployed across oil & gas pipelines installations to curb instances of spillage and loss of crude oil, manage toxic hazards, condensate, tampering of well heads, and sabotage of delivery pipelines.

Complete monitoring solutions

  • Intelligent drone deployment & Management
  • Seamless data exchange
  • Web based task management & tracking Portal
  • Live surveillance & monitoring
  • Intelligent analysis and detection platform
  • Pro-active alarms & notifications
  • Easy access to historical data
  • Visualisation platform
  • Support and value-added services

Resident Chief Executive, said,

“… is adopting cutting-edge technologies like solutions from Detect Technologies that can be used for better safety and security of our operational areas. The surveillance project is a step towards this direction that will assist to lower miscreant activities, faster response to security, HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) issues and resulting in enhanced productivity, profit, and safer operations.” 

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