Who We are

We create AI products that inspire action and empower organizations to drive meaningful change pushing the frontiers of safety, productivity, and sustainability.


The sheer volume of data that needs to be processed when considering the different available options can be overwhelming; like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Imagine how great it would be if there was a way to easily identify the most important information. Imagine the decision-making possibilities it could unlock.

At Detect, we believe in the transformative power of AI in overcoming this challenge. AI can quickly analyze large data sets, identify trends and patterns invisible to the human eye, and recommend an optimum course of action.

AI can seamlessly automate repetitive tasks, allowing the decision-makers to focus on more complex decision-making. Human Intelligence when combined with AI can unlock new opportunities for value creation, especially in resolving issues that require both human creativity and AI analysis. By working together, humans and AI can leverage their unique strengths and compensate for each other’s weaknesses, leading to more sustainable outcomes.


Elevate processes by embedding insights

“To create products that provide reliable and actionable intelligence through a scalable and secure architecture, enabling faster and better operational decision-making.”


“We envision a smarter future where industrial processes are optimized, streamlined, and made more efficient by harnessing the power of AI. We believe in transforming challenges into opportunities and setting new standards for excellence.”

Our Impact in Numbers

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Our Core Values

Innovative engineering solutions that seamlessly bridge the gap between risk presence and prevention, imparting innovation and efficiency to your workplace.

Strong Commitment

Helping our clients anticipate and mitigate risks predictively, we streamline their approach to a sustainable workplace while helping them uphold leading industrial safety and productivity standards.

Objective Decisions

Through a careful scrutinization of data generated by the industries, we empower our clients with real-time intelligence. Industrial managers can finally make informed decisions backed by solid data with augmented agility.

Result Oriented

Detect products have been conceived as projects in real industrial environments and following years of research and development are all set to redefine the risk management approaches across the landscape.


Not merely defined by our products, we etch our mark on the walls of time with a relentless pursuit of progress and commitment to pushing boundaries. We strive to nurture the spark that ignites creativity, propelling us to envision solutions.

Customer Delight

Beyond just meeting client expectations, we exceed them with our meticulously crafted products. Detect Technologies is all about anticipating needs, catering to details, and providing seamless experiences at every touchpoint.

Constructive dissent

We believe that spirited discussions fuel innovative and unique industrial AI solutions. We embrace diverse perspectives, knowing that once we reach a consensus, our team unites with dedication and integrity to deliver exceptional results.

Chasing Excellence

We strive for excellence, chasing ideas that inspire sustainability and guarantee higher profit margins by continuously contributing towards augmenting the transformative power of industrial AI.

Diversity and Inclusivity

To us, trust and commitment from every member of the Detect family is of paramount importance and we ensure the same by fostering a culture of collaboration through mutual respect.

What is the Detection Efficiency of the Last Industrial AI Platform You Evaluated?

70%? Ok, 80%, but I am sure no more than that. 

Now make way for Detect’s AI solutions, conceived in real working environments, to solve real problems. 

Imagine an AI solution so powerful that it redefines the word “accuracy” by clocking a minimal global benchmark of 92% when subjected to the toughest of conditions. 

With an optimal accuracy of 97%, our SaaS Platform helps implement compliance in real-time by aggregating data from visual, sensory, and repository sources, and delivering actionable information to safety officials. 

This means, you now have a solution that is capable of detecting complex scenarios and risks with ease.  

So whatever be the problem, you only need to look once. 

Explore New Frontiers in Industrial Automation with Us

Our team of visionaries, renowned for their expertise, is at the forefront of SaaS innovations, driving the evolution of industrial automation technologies and strategies. 

An exemplary group of the brightest minds complemented by dedicated leadership enables us to deliver cutting-edge solutions, above and beyond expectations. 

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the numerous awards and recognitions we have received, solidifying our position as industry leaders. These accolades are a testament to the transformative power of our AI products and the potential they hold. 

Imagine, Innovate, Initiate

Our aim is to assemble a team rich in talent and perspectives, yet bound together by a common purpose and a fervent dedication to excellence. Come, be a part of our journey.