T-Pulse for Workplace Operations

Streamline Industrial Operations Across The Value Chain

Automate Your Workflow for Peak Efficiency

Monitor schedules, resources, and critical equipment in real-time and enhance productivity across critical work fronts.

Schedule Assistant ensures strict adherence to deadlines, optimizing task breakdown and enhances decision-making for perfect project management and early delivery.

Occupancy Assistant offers real-time space and personnel monitoring, maximizing space use, enhancing safety, helping improve process efficiency and contingency planning over time.

Inventory Assistant utilizes QR technology for seamless resource tracking and centralizes all demand and supply parameters to help identify loopholes, helping build a cost-effective, disruption-proof supply strategy.
Operator Assistant brings to you a visual 3D positioning system that helps protect the workforce, equipment and augments productivity in sophisticated operations involving heavy machinery.
Leverage Our AI-driven Project Management System and Revolutionize Your Operational Oversight

Increased Reliability

Enhance operational speed, predict collisions, manage zonal loads, and ensure emergency readiness, complementing safety for holistic protection.

Increased Productivity

Boost productivity by unifying data from various silos, ensure efficient resource and workforce utilization, and predict resource needs for optimized project execution.

Increased ROI

Extend the lifespan and ROI of your equipment and ensure proper usage by boosting the performance of existing surveillance systems for cost-effective operations.

Continuous Improvement

Constantly refine operations, get advice on sustainable strategies, and monitor performance against benchmarks for long-term operational excellence.

T-Pulse Is Compliant With Internationally Accepted Standards

Empower your Workforce with T-Pulse

Thousands of users across the industrial landscape depend on our AI-powered occupational HSE platform for better collaboration and visibility.

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