T-Pulse for Workplace Security

Autonomous Surveillance System for Impenetrable Industrial Security

End-to-End Protection against Workplace Threats

Secure your assets round-the-clock with T-Pulse’s unbiased, vigilant intrusion and breach detection system.
Patrolling Assistant vigilantly monitors your facility 24×7 to detect instances of security compromise and alerts the authorities in real-time, relinquishing the need for active human supervision.

Privacy Assistant ensures individual privacy is respected by blurring identifiable features in surveillance footage, striking the perfect balance between security compliances and privacy regulations.

Archiving Assistant automatically logs security events, segregating elements of importance, ensuring seamless retrieval for security reporting and proactive incident management.

Frontier Assistant adds flexibility to your security ecosystem with customizable virtual fences, helping officials control movement across zones for effective management and containment of incidents.

Boost Industrial Security and Ensure Enhanced Protection, Precision, and Efficiency in Every Operation

Time and Effort Optimization

Save time with autonomous incident tracking and reporting capabilities, eliminating manual CCTV reviews and expediting critical decisions for a more efficient, secure environment.

Precision in Security Reporting

Achieve unmatched accuracy with our real-time, automated surveillance analysis. Zero missed events mean a safer, more secure facility with no compromises.

Cost-Effective Protection

Guard against theft, tampering, and sabotage with T-Pulse. Protect valuable assets and prevent costly safety disasters, ensuring financial and operational security.

Optimized Resource Utilization

Enhance data retention and patrol efficiency by identifying security trends and advising on optimal personnel deployment and strategic positioning for maximum security impact.

T-Pulse Is Compliant With Internationally Accepted Standards

Empower Your Workforce With T-Pulse

Thousands of users across multiple industries depend on our AI-powered occupational safety and health risk management platform for better collaboration and safety visibility.

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