T-Pulse for Workplace Safety

Achieve 360° Safety Compliance with AI-Powered Enterprise Solutions

Mitigate Risks and Ensure a Safer Workplace

Transform your safety management with our AI assistants – achieve proactive safety engagement, unbiased visibility, and build effective strategies through granular insights.
Safety Assistant ensures strict adherence to HSE compliance, identifying, reporting, and logging safety incidents for a secure workplace environment.
Redzone Assistant vigilantly highlights and mitigates unsafe acts in high-risk areas or red zones (both static and dynamic), ensuring utmost safety.
Health Assistant monitors worker health and body condition, ensuring healthy vitals and optimal physical condition to prevent workplace health risks.
Environment Assistant actively monitors hazardous gas leaks, abnormal stack flame behavior, and suffocation hazards to mitigate unsafe conditions.
Confined Space Assistant ontrols access to confined spaces and monitors operations and conditions within, ensuring optimal safety and integrity of operations.
Revolutionize Workplace Safety with AI-powered, Data-backed Decision-making

Time and Effort Optimization

Streamline your safety operations with automated surveillance and reporting. Reduce the time spent on safety oversight and allow safety managers to focus on strategic initiatives.

Increased ROI from Existing Infrastructure

Elevate your facility's safety standards without the need for extensive investments. Revitalize your existing cameras and sensors and transform them into advanced, proactive safety tools.

Continuous Process Improvement

Ensure continuous safety enhancements in your operations through expert recommendations, regular audits, and continuous benchmarking. Align your efforts to embark on a journey toward goal zero today!

Enhanced Resource Utilization and Coordination

Foster a quantified safety approach and optimize workforce engagement and data utilization. Empower your end users to coordinate effectively and ensure judicious resource use across departments.

T-Pulse Is Compliant With Internationally Accepted Standards

Empowering Workforce across the Industrial Landscape

Thousands of users across multiple industries depend on our AI-powered occupational health and safety platform for better collaboration and safety visibility.

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