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Awards and Recognitions

Globally acknowledged for our pioneering advancements, we proudly display a track record of accolades, serving as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in industrial safety technology.

Top 10 innovations in India, 2013

Partner with Vedanta Spark , 2022

The Best Technology Award , 2022

Global agreement with shell , 2022

Win Canada market access program ‘Next Big Idea 2018’

Best IOT Startup, Industry X.0 Challenge, 2018

Winner, TATA Innoverse Challenge, 2018

Winner, The Economic Times Start-up Awards, 2017

Winner, Wharton India Startup Challenge, 2017

Winner, Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, 2017

Winner, US-INDIA Startup Forum, 2016

Top 10 innovations in India, 2013

Company ethos

At Detect, we believe that the future of work is smart, efficient, and collaborative. That’s why we’re searching for passionate professionals who share our values and are committed to delivering innovative solutions that help our clients achieve their goals. Join us and be a part of our mission to drive progress and innovation.

Why Choose Us

Join an organization guided by principles and strongly embedded in culture, where every individual counts.


Making Development universally accessible; Empowering everyone to be a creator.


Inculcating a culture where individuals support and uplift each other.


Imparting confidence that enables our teammates to build without limits.

Benefits and Perks of Joining Detect Technologies

Impactful work: You'll be working on cutting-edge technology that has the potential to make a real impact on the day-to-day lives of people in industries.

Innovative culture: Detect is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI and machine learning, and is always exploring new ways to improve its products and services.

Growth opportunities: Detect is a fast-growing company, which means there are plenty of opportunities for career growth and advancement. You'll be working alongside talented professionals who are passionate about what they do, and who will help you develop your skills and expertise.

Collaborative and inclusive work culture: The company has a collaborative and inclusive work culture that values diversity and encourages open communication and teamwork.

Empowering Our Team

We believe in prioritizing the health and happiness of our employees above all else. Our commitment to creating an exceptional workplace goes beyond traditional measures. We continuously explore innovative strategies and initiatives aimed at enhancing the well-being and fulfillment of our team members.
We vehemently grant our employees the autonomy and support they need to not only excel in their roles but also to drive meaningful impact. Rather than simply following the trends, we encourage a culture of leadership and initiative, where every team member is empowered to contribute their unique insights and ideas.
Together, we are committed to building more than just a company; we are building a community where each individual is valued, supported, and inspired to reach their full potential.

Career Opportunities at Detect

We cultivate a thriving workplace where shared growth and remarkable success are our cornerstones.

Hear from Our Employees

I joined Detect in 2017 and Witnessed growth of Detect from handful of full-time employees at IIT Madras Lab office to IIT Research Park evolving to 300+ employees which has been an exciting journey. The opportunity to work with great minds and new technology which has shown the difference in industries transforming their conventional practices into digital Artificial Intelligence exercises has influenced myself to be a better professional and individual. The Management has invested their focus not only on growth of organization but also on progress of individuals to excel and achieve. My journey from UAV Pilot in operations team and now working as Process Owner for Compliance & Partnership in Delivery was made possible with diverse opportunities provided at each stage of career growth and mentored by the management.

By Shammah Peter Jose

I have been associated with Detect technologies since 2022. I am proud to say Detect and I had started our journey together. I have seen Detect growing wonderfully to an amazing workplace. The experiences, that I have gained along the way, are irreplaceable and invaluable. Detect always provides relevant platforms to learn and explore new technologies. I find the culture open and transparent enough to encourage thinking out loud. Working around like-minded people helps me get outside my comfort zone, enhance my knowledge and capabilities. Detect gives me a chance to contribute towards development with a cause, to make other's life easier.


As a member of the Detect Technologies team, I have been able to witness and experience firsthand the incredible work that this company does. All employees are encouraged to contribute in meaningful ways to the team’s success, making our work environment more collaborative and supportive. The team is constantly expanding and growing, allowing for innovative solutions and creativity to be fostered and explored. Furthermore, I have greatly appreciated the opportunities and resources provided by the company which have enabled me to develop professionally and personally. I am thrilled to be a part of such an amazing company and team.

Vigneshwaran N

I am delighted to share my thoughts on the work, culture and growth of Detect Technologies. From the moment I joined the team, I have been surrounded by a culture of professional excellence, creativity and hard work. Everyone here is dedicated to producing the best solutions for our customers, no matter the challenge. The company has also provided ample opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally, that has allowed me to further develop my skills and abilities. 

Bharath Raj M


Detect Technologies hired me in 2022. The people and the type of job are the two factors that matter most when joining any organization. This determines whether or whether a person joins a firm since it takes into account the organization's values, objectives, and employees. In every way, Detect has been the ideal organization. I've had plenty of opportunities to work with some of the brightest minds throughout the years thanks to Detect, which has aided in my development both professionally and personally. I have always observed a cooperative workplace culture and management that is committed to the development of both the firm and its employees. The experience of working with Detect has been wonderful in and of itself!

Indhar B

I feel Detect is my second Home. Working at Detect Technologies has been a rewarding experience in terms of both personal and professional growth. The inclusive and diverse work culture has given me the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from different backgrounds and learn from their experiences. The company's focus on professional development and providing resources for growth has allowed me to enhance my skills and knowledge in my field. Additionally, the company's emphasis on work-life balance has created a positive work environment that values the well-being of its employees. Overall, I feel grateful to be a part of this dynamic and forward-thinking organization.

Mohamed Afridh A

Mahalingam, I began my career at Detect in 2019 as a senior UAV pilot and now I am in position of Sr Delivery manager I always wanted to be in a part of company where there work culture is giving enough freedom and easy access to people which i have in our company where I have easy access till the founders which is why there are talents identified and developed frequently 


So many things to say but if you insist on one thing to say , Detect is a company where the management wants employees to grow along with the company , our company values the employees more than the profit and invests on the existing employees so that they grow and learn along with the company. 

Prajith Prabhu


Joining 'Detect' family as an early employee was one of the best decisions I've made. I've seen the company grow from a small team to a thriving business, and it's been an incredible experience to be a part of this growth. The atmosphere is dynamic and fast-paced, and I'm constantly learning new things and being challenged in ways I never expected. The culture is supportive and inclusive, and it's clear that everyone is dedicated to making the company succeed. I'm proud to be a part of such a successful team and can't wait to see what the future holds. 


I've been with Detect Technologies for a year and a half. I initially joined as an intern but later became a full-time employee. This Detect is a fantastic learning tool for HR department. I was only part for recutiment but I learnt operations work and training as well. When I was struggle, my managers gave me guidance and showed me how to approach and handle each situation appropriately.


Thanking the team for making me the part of detect family. I never felt stress and pressure while working with the team. Detect provides me the platform to enhance myself every other day.


During my 2 months internship period, I was assigned some challenging tasks, but everyone was around to help me and I completed those tasks in time. I explored and learned a lot of new things, which helped me to be a full-time employee later. The best thing about DetectTech is everyone is alaways available for uswhenever we need them. I am glad to be a part of this family

Afis Moosa

Life @ Detect

See what it’s like to work, live, and play in a collaborative culture that welcomes and nurtures your ideas and entrepreneurial spark and where you can witness the difference you’re making to people’s lives.


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