T-Pulse for Workplace Inspections

Optimize Asset Management with Real-Time Inspection and Intelligent Recommendations

Improve Equipment Uptime with Precision Inspections

Embrace the power of AI-powered predictive maintenance and enjoy up to 2X better asset availability, utilization, performance, and lifetime.
Maintenance Assistant revolutionizes equipment maintenance with real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance insights, and elimination of manual checks for enhanced service efficiency.
ITAM Assistant ensures flawless operability of T-Pulse and its connected workplace assets by proactively monitoring your IoT network ecosystem and delivering instant alerts and fault resolutions for maximum resilience.
LT Distribution Assistant ensures uninterrupted power supply through real-time analysis of electrical infrastructure, continuous monitoring for fault prediction, and remote management of the entire grid.
Pipeline Assistant guards your pipelines by detecting leaks and structural compromises, offering predictive insights for proactive maintenance and operational integrity.
Elevate Performance and Ensure Uninterrupted Productivity through Advanced and Seamless Asset Monitoring

Improved Asset Uptime

Make sure that your assets run flawlessly 24/7, prevent breakdowns and boost profits through continuous performance monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Increased ROI

Optimize equipment longevity and efficiency, minimize downtimes and maximize returns through precise, predictive maintenance strategies and faster repair times.

Eliminating Unsafe Conditions

Elevate safety by preventing hazardous conditions, reducing red zone exposure by 80%, and eliminating the need for risky manual asset inspections.

Improved Coordination

Revolutionize maintenance efficiency - save up to 25% on costs and millions of man-hours with AI-powered coordination and automated fault detection.

T-Pulse Is Compliant With Internationally Accepted Standards

Empower Your Workforce With T-Pulse

Thousands of users across multiple industries depend on our AI-powered occupational safety and health risk management platform for better collaboration and safety visibility.

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Fill out the form to download the Brochure!