Surveying, Mapping, & Remote Inspection

Digital Pipeline Patrol for remote surveillance, processing, and visualization

Leverage deep learning to remotely extract insights for security, safety, and reliability of pipelines

Digital Pipeline Patrol is an enterprisescale AI platform that delivers insights on large-scale inter-state assets through visual data from cameras, satellite and UAV data.

Introducing Digital Pipeline Patrol 

Digital pipeline patrol platform leverages visual data from cameras, satellite or UAVs and pre-trained AI based algorithms to detect unauthorized events such as presence of heavy machinery, excavated earth, exposed pipelines, leakages, theft, missing signages etc. On detection of an event immediate alerts are generated in form of application based notification, e-mails and text messages

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Asset-less processing

Assetless processing through cloud-based computation for all categorises and models

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High Precision Comprehensive Models

Comprehensive pre-trained high precision AI models on global pipeline patrol surveillance categories

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Easy Navigation and Visualization

Access processed information on a web based dashboard with easy navigation across both locations and type of observation.

High precision comprehensive AI models for remote pipeline surveillance and security

Intelligence for surveillance, security, monitoring and managing various working and non-working assets on a globally tested web platform.

  • Detect and log illegal activity, excavation, drilling, digging, mining, blasting, encroachment, pipe leakages, exposed pipelines, miscreant activity and much more 
  • Get insight with associated time, geo-location stamp and associated image/video feed  
  • Automatic email alert to relevant executives basis detection/non-detection of miscreant activity/event (along with date, time stamp)  
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Get actionable insights and track recommendations efficiently

Make informed and faster decisions through processed information provided by Digital pipeline patrol. Track closures of all observations and log actions for efficient closure of all events

  • Align actions better and assign them to relevant people 
  • Send emails about specific location details and deadlines with location information where action is required 
  • Ensure escalations are made when there are delays 

Success Stories

Intelligent Surveillance of Transport Solutions with Digital Pipeline Patrol

Continually reduce Pipeline risk with Digital Pipeline Patrol

Manage long-range assets using Digital Pipeline Patrolan end-to-end surveillance, security and reliability platform 

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