Surveying, Mapping, & Remote Inspection

Surveying, Mapping, and Remote Inspection

Enhance reliability, security, or mapping efficiency with real-time insights

Noctua-Orbiz™ is an enterprise-scale AI platform that delivers insights on large-scale inter-state assets and performs end-to-end GIS mapping.

Introducing Noctua-Orbiz™

Noctua-Orbiz™ is an interactive web-based solution, built to visualize and analyze long-range asset data such as interstate pipelines and transmission lines. Data is acquired through drones, fixed cameras, satellites, and other means. Noctua-Orbiz™ also brings the full-functionality of GIS mapping on a fast, web-based interactive platform. Enterprises don’t need to install or set up a new IT infrastructure anymore; Noctua-Orbiz™ manages everything from data handling to visualization, with industrial AI and machine learning.
Dashboard of Noctua-orbiz
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View all locations on a single cloud-based web dashboard

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Data analysis

Combines historical data to identify trends accurately

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2D Flythrough

Audit assets effortlessly by virtually walking through locations

Manage large assets remotely, identify problems, and monitor change

Large assets range from thousands of kilometers and are tedious to manage, but not anymore. With Noctua-Orbiz™, do a digital audit of your large assets seamlessly.
  • Acquire data from multiple sources – fixed cameras, UAV, or satellite
  • Get real-time locations and asset observations and identify ones that need repair
  • Track asset degradation, security concerns, pilferage, encroachment, and more
Areal flythrough of site
Observation and recommendation dashboard of Noctua-orbiz

Get actionable insights and track recommendations efficiently

Make informed decisions with intelligent mapping and analytics provided by Noctua-Orbiz™. Recommendations and the next best actions are highlighted on the platform for closure.
  • Align actions better and assign them to relevant people
  • Send emails about specific location details and deadlines where inspection or maintenance is require
  • Ensure escalations are made when there are delays

Continually improve industrial productivity with
GIS mapping

Manage long-range assets using Noctua-Orbiz™ – an end-to-end GIS mapping platform
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