Pipeline Integrity Monitoring

Pipeline Integrity Monitoring

Protect your pipeline infrastructure against corrosion and leaks

With a one-of-a-kind, long-range IoT sensor to manage pipeline integrity at high temperatures in real-time – GUMPS™

Introducing GUMPS™

GUMPS™ or Guided Ultrasonic Monitoring of Pipe Systems is the first of its kind fully automated and permanently installed guided wave LRUT sensor. It is engineered for pipeline health and integrity monitoring in real-time and designed to work at extreme temperatures. Researched for more than 8 years, GUMPS™ generates continuous, real-time corrosion insights over long-range pipelines.
image of GUMPS installed on pipeline
icon depicting smart sensor. GUMPS | Pipeline Monitoring

Smart Sensor

Industrial IoT with cloud analysis. Designed for scale.

icon depicting weatherproof tech. GUMPS | Pipeline Monitoring


IP 66 Rating. Protected against powerful water jets

icon depicting temperature range. GUMPS | Pipeline Monitoring

Temperature range

Operates in – 30° to 200° C (- 22° to 392° F)

icon depicting ATEX , IECEx, and PESO certifications. GUMPS | Pipeline Monitoring

Ex Certified

ATEX (up till 120° C), IECEx, and PESO certifications

Depicts Scalable hardware. GUMPS | Pipelinie monitoring

Scalable hardware

Multi-system architecture, with single pulser for multiple sensors

Icon depicting real-time dashboard. GUMPS | Pipeline Monitoring

Enterprise software

An intuitive real-time dashboard to unify monitoring

Detect pipeline corrosion rates in high temperature and improve pipeline integrity

GUMPS™ is designed to continuously monitor pipeline corrosion and corrosion rates and reduce industrial downtime.

  • Continuously monitor internal and external pipe surfaces
  • Identify the location and degree of potential pipeline corrosion in real-time
  • Eliminate potentially hazardous leaks proactively
Image depicting how GUMPS Continuously monitors internal and external pipe surface
Chart depicting how GUMPS does predictive analysis

Predict future outcomes and uncover pipeline risks in advance with predictive analytics

GUMPS™ uses historical data combined with data models and machine learning algorithms, to identify potential risks in your piping systems.
  • Pinpoint potential leaks, corrosions, and faults in pipeline infrastructure quickly
  • Plan the pipeline integrity management strategy better
  • Prevent incidents before they occur and extend the lifetime of your pipe systems

Get a holistic picture of pipeline health with 3D models

Move beyond real-time corrosion monitoring and see how defects and corrosion areas grow in your pipeline facilities with 3D models.
  • Access accurate and consistent data
  • Get alerts on potential pipeline failures in advance
  • Make autonomous decisions with the right information
Dashboard of GUMPS

Success Stories

Oil and Gas downstream unit increased the life of their pipelines with GUMPS

Protect your pipelines from corrosion
and leaks today

Increase the life cycle of your pipelines. Continuously monitor pipeline integrity at high temperatures with GUMPS™

Some frequently asked questions

Pipelines are one of the main assets in the industrial sector, vital for the transmission of hazardous liquids or natural gases. Over time, pipelines degrade from corrosion due to regular operations and can impact production, personnel safety, and even the environment.

Pipeline integrity management is put in place to ensure that a pipeline and all its components are working properly. Using pipeline integrity management solutions, operators can manage safety, operations, maintenance, evaluation, and assessment of pipeline facilities, and identify leaks and failures.

No. While GUMPS™ is based on the known technology of LRUT sensors, it is an enhanced system which uses IoT and AI to change the paradigm of asset management. It is the future of Long-Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT).

LRUT sensors are used for service-based one-time inspection, whereas GUMPS™ is used for continuous monitoring. It is a real-time monitoring sensor that measures cross-sectional area loss. A typical LRUT sensor has inaccuracies due to lack of base signal and comparisons, while GUMPS™ has near-zero inaccuracies with the probability of detection (POD) improving every day, as more and more data gets generated over the same pipe and health degradation is monitored.

Regular LRUT sensors also require a manual method of inspection, which leaves room for human error and is time-intensive. So LRUTs are reactive sensors, whereas GUMPS™ is proactive. GUMPS™ inspects your pipelines in real-time without human intervention and identifies the health and corrosion of pipeline facilities effortlessly.

GUMPS™ monitors pipeline integrity within a temperature range of in –(minus) 30° to + 200° C (- 22° to 392° F)

Yes, your data is safe. All the data collected by GUMPS™ is encrypted before transferring it to the server. It is only decrypted at secure AWS servers, where it is analyzed through our proprietary fault intelligence algorithms. The results are then displayed on the user dashboard, which is only accessible through a secure login. It can also additionally be IP-restricted if required.

A single GUMPS™ sensor can monitor pipeline integrity for up to 40 meters. It was built to detect cross-sectional area loss and identify any corrosion or faults within the pipeline. The nature of the fluid inside the pipe does not matter, but since guided waves travel through the cross-section of the pipe, the signals can be attenuated by the viscosity of the fluid. The GUMPS™ sensor is already accelerating industrial productivity with pipelines in the Oil and Gas industry.

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