Intelligent Midstream Surveillance with T-Pulse for Workplace Security

Increase in frequency of patrol
0 x
Oil Spills reported
0 +
High risk threats detected per kilometre in a year
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Major categories of threats detected autonomously
Man-hours spent on analysis
Pipeline transportation has been widely recognized as a fast, safe, and economical method of moving huge volumes of oil and natural gas. However, pipeline networks often span across huge swathes of inhospitable territory, leaving them vulnerable to theft, vandalism, sabotage, and terrorism. These problems have a considerable impact on all the stakeholders involved. In addition to the obvious economic losses for the organization, pipeline disruptions lead to environmental pollution and on some occasions even result in loss of lives.
A prominent state-owned oil and gas conglomerate from Assam, India approached Detect Technologies for a digital solution that could help them monitor their distributed assets.


Oil & Gas



Data Sources Leveraged

Drones, Satellites Imagery, Fixed Cameras


Increased frequency of patrol Real time reporting of vulnerabilities Focused intervention Segregation of authorised vs unauthorised activities


Fire incidents, oil leaks & spills

Detection of intruders

Detection of heavy machinery in the vicinity of RoW

Detection of ground disturbance, exposed pipelines, and many other

Introducing the T-Pulse Intrusion Detector

The T-Pulse Intrusion Detection Assistant (a module of T-Pulse for Workplace Security) has been designed to monitor industrial perimeters around the clock and highlight risk intelligence in real-time. An amalgamation of patented edge hardware and sophisticated AI models, it aggregates intelligent data-sourcing modules to tag security breaches, unwarranted intrusions, and other similar indications of compromise.
The T-Pulse Intrusion Detector was deployed across the client’s sprawling pipeline network to help curb instances of spillage, tampering, and sabotage. The implementation also helped detect toxic leakages, integrity hazards, and impending faults to ensure a smooth flow of oil and condensates.

T-Pulse for Workplace Security offers Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Some critical surveillance-related pain points covered by T-Pulse are as follows:
T-Pulse’s legendary performance led to a 2X increase in patrolling frequency, detecting threats across 10 major categories at a daunting rate of 20 every kilometer. By reporting 1150+ oil spills, T-Pulse helped the client save thousands of dollars’ worth of fuel from getting wasted.
T-Pulse was acknowledged and endorsed by the Chief Resident Officer in the following kind words:

We are adopting cutting-edge technologies like solutions from Detect Technologies that can be used for better safety and security of our operational areas. The surveillance project is a step towards this direction that will assist in lowering miscreant activities and respond faster to security and HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) issues, resulting in enhanced productivity, profit, and safer operations.

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