Asset Risk Management

Asset Risk Management

Reduce unplanned asset downtimes and accelerate decision making through actionable and fast insights

Integrate deep learning models to gain real-time insights on process safety, mechanical integrity, visual and thermal inspection, maintenance, corrosion, risk analysis, and more. Seamlessly integrate existing visual, thermal and time-series data to Detect’s proprietary AI data lake to achieve component-wise analysis quickly.

Monitoring hundreds of assets globally


Categories automated


Asset types managed

100 TB+

Data analyzed annually

10,00,000 +

Crictical observations

De-risk your critical assets

Powered by existing site data on IoT sensors, UAVs, and advanced inspection technology

An xray of pipelines checking integrity

Predictive Piping Leak Detection

Predict high risk in process pipes and maintain its integrity in realtime. Manage your pipeline infrastructure better with GUMPS. 

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Digital Asset Inspection

Accelerate data Processing, maintenance activities and data management through state of art AI models in  Noctua.AI 

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Distribution Automation Software

Predict failures in power distribution through monitoring of power, voltage, and current remotely, identify faults, extend asset lifetime, and predict outages using Voltor.  

Aerial view of project site

Digital Pipeline Patrol

Digitize your pipeline monitoring infrastructure and bring it completely on remote. Get AI based actionable insights on long-range assets. 

Maximize asset efficiency today

Manage industrial assets and gain maximum ROI with Detect Technologies
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