Asset Integrity Management

Asset Integrity Management

Achieve maximum asset efficiency and eliminate unplanned downtimes

Ensure continuous asset runtime with our asset integrity management solutions. Manage process safety, mechanical integrity, inspection, maintenance, corrosion, risk analysis, and more.

All our asset integrity management solutions

Powered by IoT sensors, drones, and advanced inspection technology
An xray of pipelines checking integrity

Pipeline integrity monitoring

Monitor the health and integrity of your pipelines in real-time, with GUMPS™.

Image with oil refinery and machines

Asset Performance Management

Manage asset performance remotely and ensure continuous runtime and increased asset availability and reliability with Noctua.AI™.

Image with power grids

Electrical Asset Monitoring

Manage power, voltage, and current remotely, identify faults, extend asset lifetime, and predict outages using Voltor™.
Aerial view of project site

Surveying, Mapping, and Remote Inspection

Bring GIS-mapping functionality to your infrastructure with Noctua-Orbiz™. Get actionable insights on long-range assets.
Image of a drone inspecting the asset

UAV-based Process Optimization

Improve internal supply chain, reliability, warehouse management and maintenance practices using Noctua DAX™.

Image of an engineer inspecting pipeline

Thickness Monitoring

Continuously monitor asset thickness at high temperature with a real-time permanently installed point thickness IoT sensor. (Coming soon)

Managing hundreds of assets globally

Manual techniques
Asset types
20 TB+
Data analyzed

Maximize asset efficiency today

Manage industrial assets and gain maximum ROI with Detect Technologies
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