Asset Performance Management

Digital Asset Inspection 

Ensure continuous runtime and increase asset availability and reliability 

Turn data into actionable insights and manage the performance of your assets with Noctua.AI

Introducing Noctua.AI

An enterprise AI software solution designed to optimize the performance of your assets. Noctua.AI is high precision deep learning platform that enables users to process and visualize effortlessly visual, thermal, and time-series data with risk categorization to mitigate asset downtime risk. 

Dashboard for Noctua.AI
icon depicting automated data acquisition. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management

Seamless data integration

APIs to easily integrate visual, thermal, time-series data from cameras, UAVs, DCS, IoT sensors and other devices 

icon depicting remote access. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management

Fully remote

Access completely processed data from anywhere on any authorized device through a highly secure cloud architecture

Icon depicting multiple assets on one platform. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management


Integrate and analyze data without worrying about OEM hardware compatibility through a comprehensive integration tool. 

icon depicts fault detection. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management

Fault detection

Prevent equipment downtime through timely actions on all critical observations. 

icon depicts predictive maintenance. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management

Predictive maintenance

Record and track actions planned and taken for maintenance to reduce overall risk to process unit. 

icon depicts AI based reporting. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management

Battle-tested Data Management Platform

Web-based platform for logging events and actions taken and the overall risk. Plan and reduce risks objectively. 

Implement comprehensive deep-learning models trained specifically for meeting global inspection standards

Automate and visualize the processed quality outputs as that of traditional manual reports through experienced engineers by leveraging globally tested deep learning models in Noctua.AI

  • Get component and section wise analysis of your assets 
  • Identify anomalies in all categories and find the most frequent damage mechanism 
  • Benefit from the risk categorization on each observation for actionable insights. 
Image predicting defects in asset

Integrate easily with variety of data sources 

Leverage APIs to integrate with all types and forms of data sources from your asset to discover important and actionable insights. 

  • Increase RoI from your existing infrastructure by making it intelligent 
  • Make your devices virtual inspectors and maximize their yield 
  • Unify all data on a single platform for easy visualization and analysis 
  • Accelerate digital transformation through seamless application layer for new and existing models. 

Accelerate decision making through easy to navigate web platform

Identify all observations on assets with a unified 3D interface on Noctua.AI. Track location, operational exposure, and maintenance history of critical components, and plan enterprise maintenance activities more strategically.  

  • Access accurate and consistent asset data 
  • Coordinate system-wide outages, and spare parts scheduling and forecasting 
  • Make data-backed capital management decisions 

Automate processing, data management and visualization of all industrial assets with Noctua.AI

Icon depicting chimney. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management


Icon depicting flare stacks. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management

Flare Stacks

Icon depicting pipe racks. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management

Pipe Racks

Icon depicting cable trays. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management

Cable Trays

Icon depicting columns. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management


MicrosoftTeams-image (37)


Icon depicting compressor. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management


Icon depicting conveyor belts . Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management

Conveyor Belts

Icon depicting motor and pumps. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management

Motors and

Icon depicting heaters. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management


Icon depicting furnaces. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management


Icon depicting cold storage tanks. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management

Cold Storage

Icon depicting insulated pipes. Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management

Insulated Pipes

Icon depicting civil structures . Noctua.Ai | Asset performance management

Civil Structures

And a
lot more

Success Stories

Iron and steel industry manages asset performance and inspection with Noctua.AI

Intelligent Inspection of Transmission Lines & EHV Towers with Noctua.AI

Manage the performance of your assets in real-time

Get real-time asset performance data and manage risks to reduce unplanned downtime with Noctua.AI.  

Some frequently asked questions

Currently, Noctua.AI can acquire data from over 10 sources, but it can be configured to handle more. The primary data sources that it ingests to ascertain equipment health are – visual, thermal, and ultrasonic thickness on static assets, voltage and current for electrical assets, and vibration for rotary assets. 

No. Noctua.AI is a SaaS software, i.e., it is a subscription-based software with annual, quarterly, and monthly subscription plans. Please contact sales to learn more about the pricing.

Noctua.AI is a cloud-based solution accessible from a web browser. It comes with several layers of encryption to make all the data secure. The entire data can be hosted on-premises or on the cloud, as per requirement.

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