UAV-based Process Optimization

UAV-based Process Monitoring

Process data faster with autonomous industrial UAVs

Optimize industrial processes with end-to-end automation via industrial UAVs, and enhance performance and security with Noctua DAX™

Introducing Noctua DAX™

Noctua DAX™ is an autonomous and permanently installed industrial UAV built to empower customers. It is used to automate the security of remote assets, warehouse management, in-plant logistics, and inspection of a variety of assets. Detect Technologies offers more than 20 different automation categories in various applications with Noctua DAX™.
image of Noctua DAX- an industrial drone
Icon depicts fully automated. Noctua DAX | UAV-based Process Monitoring

Fully automated

Pre-programmed locations and flight path including take-off and landing

icon depicts GNSS Navigation. Noctua DAX | UAV-based Process Monitoring

GNSS navigation

Ensure quality positioning information at all times

icon depicts RTK precision. Noctua DAX | UAV-based Process Monitoring

RTK precision

Get accuracy and precision with real-time kinematics

icon depicts Custom models. Noctua DAX | UAV-based Process Monitoring

Custom CV models

Explore new orbits of automation through configurable models

icon depicts Geofencing. Noctua DAX | UAV-based Process Monitoring


Keep the UAVs from exiting operational airspace

icon depicts interoperability. Noctua DAX | UAV-based Process Monitoring


Embed insights into existing applications using APIs

Seamless data collection for large-scale industrial automation

Noctua DAX™ is an autonomous UAV that enables customers to process their needs safely and efficiently.
  • Install an industrial UAV system suited for your needs
  • Be more efficient without service
  • Get granular insights into various trends and configure KPIs and benchmarks
Image of an industrial drone
Image of drone detecting anomalies real-time

Detect anomalies in real-time and maximize industrial productivity

Make informed decisions and manage industrial operations better. Noctua DAX™ uses AI algorithms to detect defects, data issues, and errors and empowers managers with the right data.
  • Identify constituent elements of defects across industrial assets
  • Mitigate problems with visual, thermal, and thickness technology
  • Use AI-enabled analytics and alerts to reduce downtime and improve operations
  • Tailor payloads as per industrial requirements

Noctua DAX™ is built for your needs

Inspect a plethora of assets – boilers, pipelines, compressors, columns, tanks, cable trays, off-short structures, windmills, solar panels, pumps, heaters, flare stacks, transmission lines, chimneys, civil structures, tanks, insulated pipes, and a lot more with a web-based interface. 

icon depicts automated inspections. Noctua DAX | UAV-based Process Monitoring


icon depicts security and surveillance. Noctua DAX | UAV-based Process Monitoring

Security and

icon depicts Warehouse management. Noctua DAX | UAV-based Process Monitoring


icon depicts Emergency Response. Noctua DAX | UAV-based Process Monitoring


icon depicts in plant logistics. Noctua DAX | UAV-based Process Monitoring


Automate inspection with
autonomous industrial UAVs

Configure Noctua DAX™ as per your needs and automate industrial processes with autonomous UAVs.
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