Occupancy Monitoring

Occupancy Monitoring

Monitor occupancy, workforce, and assets in confined spaces

T-Pulse™ is an end-to-end industrial project management solution with computer vision-enabled algorithms that make occupancy monitoring and space management easy and completely anonymized.

Keep track of occupancy in predefined spaces

Maintain the real-time total count with state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms. T-Pulse™ feeds data from fixed cameras into a centra AI data lake, generating virtual fencing across the site, and automating occupancy management to minimize risk at site.
  • Anonymously count and restrict workforce to a threshold within a predefined area
  • Manage risks within a controlled area on a running plant, offshore platforms, or an industrial project
  • Create intuitive dashboards, custom analytics, and emergency evacuation plans with occupancy module
Image depicting analysis of occupancy monitoring

Get accurate data to handle occupancy intelligently and make quick decisions

T-Pulse™ analyzes data and generates shift-wise trends and provides insights on critical parameters. Monitor space, workforce, and objects effortlessly, on an integrated AI platform.
  • Track parameters like total manhours achieved, peak manhours, and shortfall duration without worrying about privacy
  • Receive fencing-based occupancy trends and counts
  • Optimize space decisions with the correct data

Keep count of people with intelligent occupancy monitoring

T-Pulse™ maintains the real-time count of people inside pre-defined spaces and generates the right insights to
make data-backed decisions and improve industrial productivity.
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