Intelligent Inspection of Transmission Lines & EHV Towers with Noctua.AI

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Components inspected per 100Km
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Major categories of defects detected autonomously
Man-hours spent on analysis
Asset failures are the leading cause of unplanned outages in process industries and can cost ten times more than a planned downtime. Zero unplanned downtime is increasingly becoming a priority for organizations.

Identifying defects before time and taking preemptive measures is critical to increasing asset lifetime and reducing outages.Manual inspections and analysis of asset performance are time-consuming, and there is a need for autonomous, real-time assessment using digital solutions.
The maintenance team at one of the prominent Steel production facilities wanted to completely automate the reliability of their civil structure and chimneys via digital platforms and robotics. They could not predict degradations or track assets end-to-end and wanted to automate visual, thermal, and thickness-based inspection for their assets.


Power Transmission



Data Sources Leveraged

Drones, Visual Imagery, Thermal Cameras



Noctua.AI enabled the client to monitor and improve Asset Condition through transparent and faster decision making. This was possible due to increased visibility on

Historic data for component degradation

Detection of defects such as corrosion, conductor Hotspots, insulator damages, and many others

Detection of illegal construction or vegetation in the RoW

Detection of missing/loose/hanging components, foreign material, and many others

Detect Technologies stepped in

At Detect Technologies, we are building the future of industrial processes and accelerating the path towards digital transformation. After understanding the needs of the Steel production enterprise, we understood their workflows, unified their data, and completely automated their inspection processes with Noctua.AI™. We took a step further and automated UAV-based thickness data acquisition with Noctua-DAX™ and our patented APIS technology.
An amalgamation of patented hardware and sophisticated numeric models, Noctua.AI™, leveraged AI algorithms to mine out information on asset degradation and optimize maintenance activities. With Noctua.AI™, reliability engineers or asset managers at this steel facility could

Real-time asset performance management with Noctua.AI

Over 500 civil structures and 100+ chimneys were selected to be managed. Noctua.AI™ aggregates and extracts intelligence from asset monitoring data sources effortlessly and provides a centralized asset performance management platform that converts recommendations to an intelligent maintenance plan.

The client could manage the health of their complete plant on a single unified dashboard. They experienced a 200% increase in data retention and references. From inspecting an asset weekly, they could now inspect 5 assets daily and make quick decisions. Within six months of implementation, the client identified 300+ critical observations with Noctua.AI. They conducted more than 150 maintenance activities and saw a 2X increase in decision-making.
Noctua.AI™, combined with APIS and Noctua DAX™, played a significant part in improving client’s asset availability and production yield.

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