Driving Industrial Excellence with 360° Workplace Intelligence

Stay ahead of potential risks and never miss a beat of your business with proactive and continuous visibility.

Expanding the Boundaries of AI with T-Pulse

Accelerate the transformation toward a safe, smart, and sustainable workplace with T-Pulse, our flagship AI product designed as a one-stop solution for all your productivity requirements. Scan the workplace 24×7 for compromise indications and improvement opportunities for faster predictive interventions.


Monitor Safety Compliance Regulations as mandated by Leading International Safety protocols and resolve issues preemptively with intelligent actionable insights.


Streamline the efficiency of your industrial projects and never miss a deadline with AI-powered schedule, occupancy, and inventory management.


Maximize business profitability and RoI with the help of continuous automatic asset performance management and seamless predictive maintenance.


Ensure 24×7 comprehensive security for your people and assets without compromising individual privacy.

Meeting the Toughest Standards, Trusted by the Largest Global Enterprises

Our collaborative journey with some of the world’s leading enterprises vividly demonstrates the transformative impact we bring to their operations and safety protocols. Delve into the extent of our influence and steadfast reliability, as we persist in setting new global benchmarks for safety and productivity.

Inspiring Industrial Transformation

A tale of transformation, from the end users themselves.

Solutions by Detect Technologies are promptly addressing one of the most important problems in HSE. We at HZL welcome new and innovative solutions across our value network.

Arun Misra

CEO, Hindustan Zinc Limited

“We have an internal action tracker to ensure Goal Zero on-site and can take out observations from T-Pulse, add them to our action tracker, and take corrective actions proactively. I particularly like some of the observations at height – especially on the open platforms and loose material stored at height, that we can capture and act on promptly, with Detect Technologies. I can just look at the intuitive T-Pulse portal every time I get an email and review observations within 10 minutes to communicate the same to area leads.”

Heriberto Arreola

HSE Lead, Shell

“Vedanta Spark imbibes innovation with start ups like Detect Technologies where industrial safety and productivity can be improved on real time through AI based analytics”

Manoj Soni

Vice President & Business Excellence Head

The project was executed diligently and efficiently, meeting the specified requirements and standards with competence, dedication, and professionalism throughout the project. Detect Technologies has played a crucial role in ensuring that the progress of the project was monitored effectively and transparently.

Amit Kumar Misra

Manager, Mechanical Maintenance

Implementations of autonomous systems by Detect Technologies, for highlighting instances of noncompliance have significantly reduced the rate of safety violations in HZL Chanderiya and has improved productivity by 95%.”

Mahesh Mahajan

HSE Lead, HZL Chanderiya

“I met Detect in 2017 and immediately knew that their expertise and market understanding would bridge industrial gaps. I realized that Detect’s talented team could develop cutting-edge technology to substantially enhance industrial performance. We partnered with Detect and subsequently deployed their technologies within Adani Group and have seen the massive potential for applications across various segments in our future. It has been wonderful to see them grow from a lab to a global organization, which speaks volumes for their capabilities and the scalability of their technologies. I am eager to see how Detect Technologies grows and pushes technology and industrial innovation boundaries globally.”

Sandeep Dixit

Head of Technology

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