Oil and Gas downstream unit increased the life of their pipelines with GUMPS

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Success Story

Oil and Gas downstream unit increased the life of their pipelines with GUMPS™


Pipe life

8 indications

Identified within a year

2 critical indications

Identified within 2 months


To optimize pipeline reliability process with technological intervention and reduce downtime.


Oil and Gas


Gujarat, India

  • Planning pipe inspection/maintenance without real-time corrosion data
  • Estimating the amount of insulation that needed to be unwrapped
  • Limited data and information to support reliability-centered maintenance
  • Pipe life was increased with real-time corrosion metrics
  • Critical indications of corrosion identified within a year
  • Intelligent planning of maintenance activities with accurate information
  • Early detection of defects with Industrial AI

Asset integrity and reliability are of paramount importance to industries with comprehensive processes and gigantic equipment. However, despite advanced technology driving digital transformation in the industrial sector, assets like pipelines are still inspected manually. Not only is this cost-intensive and unsafe for the workforce, but high-temperature pipelines also make point-based manual inspection even more difficult.

The reliability manager at one of the biggest Oil and Gas downstream facilities in India wanted to address this challenge and optimize the reliability process of their pipelines with technical intervention.They wanted real-time data and information to support reliability-centered maintenance and monitor pipelines proactively.

Transforming pipeline integrity monitoring

Detect Technologies is uniquely equipped to handle this challenge. Sitting at the interface between engineering, innovation, and industrial implementation, we have spent over 8 years in research and development and partnered with global enterprises to build a uniquely patented smart IoT sensor for pipes.

Our pipeline integrity monitoring solution – GUMPS™, is a revolutionary patented technology, resulting from intensive research and development. Designed to monitor high and low temperature pipes continuously, it works on the guided-wave

principle. Long-range guided wave is generated through a patented crystal, which can sustain various temperature ranges while consecutively maintaining ultrasonic wave generation.

Improving pipeline reliability with GUMPS™

GUMPS™ (Guided Ultrasonic Monitoring Pipeline Systems) is a one-of-a-kind intelligent IoT sensor, indispensable to any industry that monitors pipeline health and integrity to prevent potentially hazardous leaks. Managers can detect corrosion and corrosion rates at any point and manage the pipeline infrastructure in real-time.

It continuously monitors pipes, and the data is analyzed using intelligent algorithms, ensuring early detection of defects being formed and their growth rates. As a result of installing GUMPS into the oil and gas facility, the overall pipeline life increased by 2 years.

Real-time information made it possible to minimize maintenance activities that were being conducted on-site during operations. Scaffoldings of manual UT thickness for all locations in the pipes were avoided since only affected areas were being analyzed.

With GUMPS, the oil and gas enterprise saw animpact immediately. Theyidentified 2 indications in less than two months, and overall, 8 indications within a year. In addition, GUMPS empowered them to increase their pipe life by creating proactive inspection/maintenance strategies, instead of doing replacements during regular operations.

Plan your pipeline maintenance activities intelligently

Get GUMPS™ to manage pipeline integrity in real-time and reduce downtime.

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